Authorized person
Authorized person
Buttons All types of metal buttons can be manufactured by your logo or name pressed on the button
Eyelet Brass Eyelet No1,7 to 88
Brass Rivet
Alloy Buttons
Alloy Painted Buttons
Alloy Sewing Buttons
Alloy Shank Button
Brass Jeans Button
Brass Painted Buttons
Coconut Buttons
Imported Cutting Buttons
Laser Buttons
Alloy Snaps
Sewing Style Snaps
Style Snap Buttons
System 54
System 61
System Alpha
System Brass Beta
System Little 61
Alloy Stone Eyelets
Brass Stone Eyelets
Logo Eyelets
Oval Eyelets
Painted Eyelets
Hook Accessories
Logo Labels
Metallic Accessories
Quoted Brass Accessories
Seloped Models
ABS Cardlocks
Plastic Cardlocks
ABS Cordends
Alloy Cordends
Plastic Cordends
D Buckles
Polyester Buckles
Sliding Buckles
Wire Buckles
Special Plastic and Leather Pullers
Standard Metal Pullers with Clips
Standard Metal Pullers with Hook
Automatic Rivet Fastening Machine
Automatic Snap Fastening Machine
Magnetic Attaching Machine
Semi-Automatic Fastening Machine
PHP 15 Manual Press Machine
Alloy Rivet
Metalised Buttons
Brass Wire Hooks
Alloy Cardlocks